Why refer to the National C3G Service

The National C3G Service

If you have a case of recurrent C3G following renal transplantation and wish to refer to the National C3G service for consideration of eculizumab, please contact us on  and complete the following C3G checklist.

For more details about the this policy (NHS England 16054/P) please see C3G Recurrence following Transplantation.

C3G Advice

If you wish to discuss a case of C3 Glomerulopathy please contact the team at

  • The team at the NRCTC gives advice on the management of this rare condition to local kidney specialists around the country.
  • We have a clinic in Newcastle where patients can be seen by one of the consultants who run the service. Attend Anywhere (virtual platform) and telephone consultations are also available.
  • Speak to your local physician if you would like a referral.
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