Clinical Trials

NRCTC recruiting now!

We are currently recruiting patients to clinical trials for patients with aHUS and C3G. Each has their own specific inclusion criteria.

If you have aHUS or C3G and wish to find out more about studies that might be suitable for you, you or your consultant can contact one of the team at the NRCTC (

Details of all clinical trials in either aHUS or C3G, can be found at the website at the following links.

aHUS clinical trials

C3G clinical trials

NRCTC Investigator-led studies

SETS aHUS (or Stopping Eculizumab Treatment Safely in aHUS) – this is an investigator-led study that is led by Professor Neil Sheerin and the team at Newcastle University  to investigate the safety and impact of eculizumab withdrawal in patients with atypical haemolytic uraemic syndrome. Further details of this study are hosted on this website here. 

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