Diagnostic testing in C3G

Diagnostic testing in C3G

We have established a combined lab diagnostics service in Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals that encompasses genetic and immunological evaluation of the complement system that may be useful in the investigation of C3G. 

Serological testing 

  • C3, C4, C3 nephritic factor, FH, FI, 
  • FH autoantibodies 

Genetic testing 

  • Coding exons of CFH, CFI, CD46, C3, CFB, DGKE 
  • Copy number of CFH, CFI, CD46, CFHR1, CFHR3 and CFHR5 

These tests can be requested using the form available from the Northern Molecular Genetics Service here.  

Some additional testing eg FB and sC5b-9 may be helpful and can be requested following discussion with a consultant at the NRCTC.  

Patients referred to the NRCTC for consideration of eculizumab for treatment of recurrent C3G following transplant can detailed testing of complement activation products and complement haemolytic activity including CH50, AP100 and C5b9.

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Treatment of C3G

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Eculizumab for Recurrent C3G

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