What we do


We provide advice and diagnostic support to referring teams for patients referred to us. We can provide comprehensive testing for causes of aHUS and C3G and appropriate follow-up. We will provide monitoring of patients commenced on eculizumab.

We also offer patient consultations:

  • in our dedicated clinic in Newcastle, or also provide consultations remotely by video technology (Attend Anywhere) or by telephone.
  • This clinic is also available to patients with aHUS or C3G, and families of those with aHUS who may also be at risk of the disease.
  • Speak to your local physician if you would like to be referred – a referral.

We can also approve treatment with eculizumab and ravulizumab in patients with aHUS in accordance with NICE guidance (for aHUS) and clinical commission policy (for C3G).

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Why refer to the National aHUS Service

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Why refer to the National C3G Service

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Access to Eculizumab for patients with aHUS

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