Follow up testing in patients receiving eculizumab

For patients on eculizumab

Testing for evidence of complement blockade is recommended during follow-up whilst the patient is receiving eculizumab. Appropriate tests should be sent for monitoring of complement blockade once patients are stable on eculizumab. The aHUS Specialist Nurses will be in touch to liaise with local teams as to when routine monitoring of thee complement blockade bloods are due.  Additional samples may be required and will be discussed with the referring consultant on a case-by-case basis. 

We can test for by CH50 and AP100 in our lab. Please discuss with us if you require these tests. 

We also recommend a range of other monitoring in patients with a diagnosis of aHUS and/or receiving complement inhibition. We will discuss these with clinicians and patients for whom we have shared care. Details of other monitoring and recommendation once eculizumab has been commenced are below.


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