aHUS Lab Diagnostics

We have established a combined aHUS lab diagnostics service in Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals that encompasses a comprehensive genetic and immunological evaluation of the complement system (that includes ADAMTS13 activity) to facilitate diagnosis of aHUS and exclusion of TTP.

Full instructions for sampling and transporting to the combined aHUS lab diagnostic services at in Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals are detailed on the request forms.

ALL tests are paid for by NHS England as part of the diagnostic and follow-up pathways in patients referred to the national aHUS service for consideration of Eculizumab.

The choice of form will depend on patient pathway and should follow discussion with the on-call aHUS consultant.

Requests using the Combined aHUS Lab Diagnostics forms should be made following discussion with a consultant at the NRCTC and NOT if the patient has already (recently) received plasma products. 

Combined aHUS Lab Diagnostics: Download for Adult Download for  Child

In certain situations (including when a patient has recently received plasma products), it may be more appropriate to use our complement genotyping form. If in doubt, please discuss with the on-call consultant.

Complement Genotyping Form – click here