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Please follow us for the latest news and events of the members of the team at the NRCTC.

Coming up soon:

Our consultants at the NRCTC will be attending UK Kidney Week 2018, the flagship meeting for professionals involved in kidney disease in the United Kingdom. They will be providing an overview of the role of the National aHUS Service. Details of the UK Kidney Week meeting can be found here.

Dr. Wong will be speaking at ‘Pint of Science’ in Newcastle City Centre on the 16th May 2018. He will describe the science that has led to the availability of the treatment, Eculizumab for patients with aHUS. To register, click here.


Public and Patient Interaction

The NRCTC actively engages with the public and patients throughout the year.

We recently held our first aHUS Patient Roadshow in Durham on the 10th March 2018.  A copy of the agenda can be viewed here.

The meeting was a success and we are now planning our second roadshow. Watch this space for more details.



The NRCTC shares its news with patients and the public in regular newsletters.

The latest newsletter was published in February 2018 and can be found here. The highlights include:

New Paediatric Nephrologist – Dr. Michal Malina!

Visit from the Liverpool TTP team – Dr. Tina Dutt

Please find copies of the latest and previous newsletters below. If you are a patient and are not receiving updates, please contact the team on

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Annual Report

The NRCTC report the activity of the National aHUS Service to NHS England on an annual basis. A meeting with NHS England was held in December 2017 to discuss the activity of the first year of the fully commissioned National aHUS service. The meeting discussed the activity of the National aHUS Service since the date it was fully commissioned in June 2016. The first reporting period was from June 2016 until March 2017. A copy of the 2016/17 report can be found here.